About us

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\.psf.MacUsersvaleriochiaraluceDesktoppianalibro con massThe Cultural Association Toward Sky since 1999 deals with historical and archaeological research and the recovery and enhancement of cultural heritage in Umbria and in particular in the city of Todi and its territory. Our members are archaeologists, historians, speleologists and simple enthusiasts.

We are working to open to the public what is now hidden. For 17 years, Toward Sky is committed to making sure that the tunnel complex of the Fabrica della Piana, which develops for about 600 meters below the Umbrian city of Todi, can be permanently visited. Our goal is to search, raise awareness and disseminate. Our enemies are the lack of interest and ignorance. In addition, the association promotes the practice of outdoor sports activities such as hiking, speleology, rafting and sport climbing.

Our logo depicts “Towardo” also called “The Arrowman”: the mascot that recalls the practice of vertical disciplines and the dynamism of the association.

Other people illegally use the labels “Todi Underground” or “Todi Underground” held by Toward Sky since 2007. Toward Sky declares itself completely out of touch with these initiatives and invites to beware of imitations.