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We inform you that due to some works by the Municipality of Todi regarding the arrangement of the access path to the Tunnels of the Fabbrica della Piana, visits to the underground are suspended for the moment, pending the conclusion of the aforementioned works. Even the green area we manage, within which the pedestrian path that leads to the entrance to the hypogeum and to the nearby Bottini fountain unfolds, is for the moment off-limits to public use, as it is a construction site.

Since 1999, Toward Sky is working to make easy to visit the tunnel complex of Fabbrica della Piana which develops for about 600 meters below the umbrian city of Todi.

The undergrounds can be visited by reservation with the formula of the speleological excursion: small groups of max. 10 people are accompanied by an experienced guide.

Minimum age of participants 10 years.

Duration of excursions is about 1 hour.

Excursions take place without the use of mountaineering equipment, they are also suitable for people who are not specifically trained but in good health and are accustomed to normal exercise. Participants should not suffer from claustrophobia (fear of closed environments). Possible pathologies or special needs must be reported to the guide before the start of the excursion.

Participants must be on time at the place set for the start of the tour, properly dressed and equipped for the excursion. We recommend: comfortable footwear, comfortable and not too sophisticated clothing (it is easy to get dirty), long trousers.

The guide will provide participants with flashlights and protective helmets.

 Prezzo a persona 15,00€


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